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quietearth [Bunker Blueprint 06.21.12] post apocalyptic cyberpunk scifi action

Bunker Blueprint is a new column where we showcase films that need funding. If you'd like your film featured, get in touch with us! We've been waiting on this PA cyberpunk flick since 2009 and our last update was in September 2011 when it was reportedly in production. Unfortunately that deal fell through due to a rights issue on the contract, so they're running a kickstarter campaign to raise funding for a short prequel, so give them money!

The costume design is incredible and so is the storyline, and this is one we really want to see made.

When a cancer patient named Samantha is placed in cryo-stasis, asleep until a cure for her illness is found, her world is forever changed. She is discovered and re-awakened in the middle of a post-apocalyptic future war by a ragtag group of US resistance fighters. Samantha now finds herself in a dangerous world that has been reduced to concrete ruin by an enemy invasion.

With no hope of ever returning to the life she once knew, Samantha joins the resistance in their mission to change the course of the war. Facing an army of darkness, bio-engineered war creatures, and a US government doomsday conspiracy, a simple girl with an incurable illness must find the courage to help the survivors of this fallen future create a new dawn.

From the press kit:
In the near future an enemy invasion turns the United States into a concrete wasteland. If humanity is to have a chance for a new dawn, a girl with a terminal illness from the past must help a ragtag group of resistance fighters face an army of darkness, a legion of creatures, and a government doomsday conspiracy – for she is the key to unlocking a weapon that could protect humanity or destroy it.

I don't want to hear your bitching about the sub-par CGI, they shot it on a budget.

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zenseeker (10 years ago) Reply

This isn't cyberpunk


Neo (10 years ago) Reply

Since none of us have access to the full script or movie yet I'd say it's a bit premature to draw conclusions about content. Looks like it could have a couple of things that could send it there. Guess we'll have to wait and see.


Charles Widmore (10 years ago) Reply

Has a Terminator Salvation feel, and that's not a bad thing.


votre (10 years ago) Reply

In the feature film world, the usual solution to a weak script, flawed story, bad acting, or lousy story is to just drop an additional $200 million on special effects and a car chase scene. This film doesn't have that luxury.

Um...I'm hoping they have a story (and plot payoff) that is mindblowing. And believable characters the viewer can identify with. And a cast that has the training and talent to pull it off. Because if they don't, their budget almost guarantees this is going to end up looking and feeling like a student project or fan film.

So...if they can find a spare dollar, I hope they're putting it into story script development first, and cast selection second.

I wish them luck. :-)


USERNAME (10 years ago) Reply

sorry your pink lazzzer lights are too slow... why do all C grade films have slow lasers?


PASSWORD (10 years ago) Reply

USERNAME, I personally enjoyed their video and their project seems to look pretty professional. So how were you able to find this link? Did they start advertising on some 13 year old area of youtube?

Either way, I'm pretty sure they can speed it up, it doesn't take a genius to do it either way, they probably liked it slower. If you speed things up too much, you can't see anything.

Apparently, you are the master of lazzzers though, right? Why don't you send them some of your work and your information if you can do a better job without infringing rights of other companies like Lucas Arts, or better yet, post your work on a board on this site. I'm sure we would all enjoy seeing your work.

Also, stop trolling and acting like you are a really successful person who has made several movies and is rich enough to consider anything under millions in budget a C grade film.

Maybe get into the movie industry before you start talking like you own the whole business.


username (10 years ago) Reply

funding on kickstarter cancelled on june 29

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