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quietearth [Celluloid 06.12.12] scifi dystopic

Those silly folks behind this incredible piece of work won't respond to my email so let's see if we can perk their interest. Set in a dystopic/post apocalyptic world, people live in metal beehives where their senses are controlled. Supposedly they have partial funding for the $22 million they're looking for. Check the trailer below.

In the very distant future, Earth is destroyed by pollution and is covered by vast expanses of waste. Global warming has made the surface of the planet uninhabitable and hostile. Human beings took refuge in large-scale metal structures, a sort of gigantic beehive composed of thousands of individual cells in which people live and work.

In this new social system, everything is for a fee, even people's five senses. The only work available is burn the waste accumulated for centuries on the Earth's surface. The only entertainment granted is spend hours connected to machine called Pathos, which, for fee, plays in the minds of its users an alternative life based on pre-recorded memories. The memories, in fact, are the recording of remembrances and experiences of people who lived hundreds of years before.

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melesigene (9 years ago) Reply

website :


sfigato_di_cane (9 years ago) Reply

cool!!!!!!!i'm sooo looking forward to watching it!


Charles Widmore (9 years ago) Reply

THX-1138, Total Recall, The Matrix mashup.


Votre (9 years ago) Reply

THX-1138 visits Avalon! Awesome. Sign me up.

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