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quietearth [Celluloid 07.30.12] Italy scifi

The Italian film L'arrivo di Wang premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year and I've been on the fence about it for some time. It's about the interrogation of an alien, using a Mandarin translator, and apparently spends the majority of the film in one room. It's received mixed reviews, but after checking out this UK trailer which is a total re-cut, I will give it a spin.

Chinese-language interpreter Gaia is hired to carry out an unusual translation assignment. In a secret underground Rome location she is ushered into a pitch-black room where to interpret the harsh interrogation of a mysterious presence, the eponymous Mr Wang. What happens next will change Gaia’s life forever and the entire destiny of planet Earth.

Original trailer:

via 24FPS

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JUDGEFARGO (8 years ago) Reply

An unfortunate title.

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