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quietearth [Celluloid 07.19.12] Ukraine drama

Anesthesia causes a dentists reality to mix with .. his unconscious. Desires? I don't know. There isn't much available on this, and the other few films made by Oleksandr Shapiro don't seem to have gone anywhere. However, I think he's one to keep an eye on as this surreal piece is just begging for an audience of potheads.

A famous dentist celebrating his birthday gets trapped in the hands of two cruel sisters who came out of his dormant unconsciousness as a result of his voluntary anesthesia. This is one day out of his life, both real and imaginary, when the characters find themselves a whirlpool of events, in the rented apartment where worlds come closer.

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Username (10 years ago) Reply

What the... multiplex


Beppe (10 years ago) Reply

The blond girl is so cute...but I think I won't watch this movie.

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