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quietearth [Celluloid 07.23.12] scifi horror drama

[Bunker Blueprint is where we showcase films raising funds. If you'd like your film featured, contact us!] Scopia is a high-concept film based around temporal insanity and past lives, and the teaser we have below showcases some incredible looking surreal horror, especially in the last 10 seconds. While that high-concept portion remains a mystery, it's been shooting off and on for 2 years and they're looking for funds to complete it, so check out the details below and head over to their indiegogo page.

Originally from Poland, Basia lives and works in London. After a hypnotic session with her psychologist Edward Stanton she taps into a part of the mind that should never be meddled with. With the natural balance of her existence becoming increasingly unstable, Basia's world becomes very strange and eventually spirals into a perpetual nightmare oscillating erratically around time and space. A traumatic experience from her past combined with her fragmented and distorted present, push her mind and soul to it's limits and beyond.

And from the indiegogo page:
Set in London, "Scopia" follows ordinary white-collar office worker, Bashia (played by Polish actress, Joanna Ignaczewska), who after suffering mild depression undergoes hypnotic regression with specialist Dr Edward Stanton. No sooner do these treatments start (somewhat unorthodox in nature) that Bashia's flashbacks caused during regression appear to be not only of a troubled childhood but also of troubled past lives. As these "memories" gush forth, the vivid and warm memories of her young mother's kindness subside and start to give way to dark forces that seek to disrupt and destroy her. As Bashia struggles to hold these dark forces from breaking through into her present, she increasingly struggles to retain her sanity and the ability to fight back. There is a way out but it is hardest path to take, shaking her humanity to the very core.

via Bleeding Cool

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