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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.23.12] Canada thriller comic

Captain Canuck has been around since the mid 70's but his career has had numerous starts and stops. Not surprising considering the brainchild of Ron Leishman and Richard Comely has always been an independent comic. Over the years, there have been a number of incarnations of the character, all of them sadly short-lived, gaining the Canadian super-hero quite a few fans all whom await the next adventures of Captain Canuck. I only wish I could relay news of the Captain's resurgence with a little less caution and more optimism.

At SDCC last year, Minds Eye Entertainment announced that it was planning to develop a Captain Canuck feature film. An entire year later, the production company took themselves back to San Diego to pass along news that Vancouver based writer Arne Olsen had been brought onboard to write the script. No word yet on which incarnation of Captain Canuck will be central to this story or if a completely new alter ego will be introduced and frankly, it may not really matter because it will take a lot more than Olsen to convince fans that this will be a memorable adaptation.

The fact that Olsen's biggest claim to fame is writing the scripts to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, doesn't exactly excite but his most recent project, Repeaters, was a thriller I really enjoyed so perhaps recent news that the film will be more of a thriller than a super hero movie does suggest a move in the right direction but there's a whole lot more to consider including the fact that Canadian productions are ridiculously difficult to finance which could mean the entire comic book adaptation phase we're currently going through could be out the window before this even goes into production.

We'll be keeping a watch on this project and I hope we have more news in the near future. As for who'll play Captain Canuck... no word on that yet but I have one recommendation: Nathan Fillion.

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