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quietearth [Celluloid 07.20.12] horror fantasy

Pearry Teo, the man behind cyberpunk action flick The Gene Generation has been in development on Bedlam Stories, a story about a reporter who goes undercover in an insane asylum where both Alice of Wonderland and Dorothy of OZ are being held. We first reported on it last December and now we've got some new character concept art. Most notable is the White Rabbit, whose face is peeled back like an open flower, revealing a severed, screaming human head.

Hoping to draw public attention to abuses within women’s mental institutions, journalist Nellie Bly fakes insanity in order to be committed to Bedlam Asylum.

Her expose takes an unusual turn when Nellie meets a quiet teenager named Dorothy who insists that a magical land called Oz is not just a figment of her imagination. At first Nellie dismisses Dorothy’s claims, until she actually sees Oz for herself after going through a series of experiments.

Digging deeper into the asylum’s hidden secrets, Nellie learns about a failed test subject called Project:Alice that ended with disastrous consequences. By recreating these experiments on Dorothy and Nellie, the doctors at Bedlam have inadvertently released demonic creatures into Oz – refugees from a place called Wonderland.

Now Nellie must uncover the truth behind Project:Alice before Bedlam’s dark past repeats itself and the demons from Wonderland gain entry into our world.

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Beppe (9 years ago) Reply

Nellie Bly was a journalist who really faked madness to live in an asylum:
I think this project has a good potential!

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