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Christopher Webster [DVD News 07.31.12] horror thriller

Father's Day (4-Disc Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD/CD - Canada's Astron 6 teamed up with Troma for this special film designed for the depraved and adventurous movie fan. A major hit on the festival circuit, Father's Day even took home the honour of Best Feature Film at the Toronto After Dark Film Fest. Be warned: This exploitation endeavor makes Hobo With a Shotgun look tame.

Detention - Joseph Kahn is very active on Twitter and he's made it clear that his self aware horror comedy is a labour of love. I can tell you now that it's getting mixed reviews and won't appeal to everyone, but I'm sure many MTV aged kids will appreciate it's twisted sense of humour and unique storyline. It's got some kid from The Hunger Games movie in it which will help its exposure I'm sure.

ATM - ATM is a close quarters thriller that finds three people trapped at an ATM while being stalked by a hooded killer. It comes from the writer of Buried which gives it immediate cred for me. I'm sure it's a bunch of old rubbish, but I'm actually really looking forward to seeing it as I love movies like this.

Dead Season - Low budget zombie outing I know little about. The story is about a group of survivors who flee to an island only to find more horror than they could have ever expected!

Total Recall (Mind-Bending Edition) - Lionsgate have finally given this Arnie classic a make-over on Blu-ray. This makes me long for the Verhoeven hard-R scifi glory days of Robocop, Starship Trooopers and Total Recall. This is a must have.

The Bunny Game - Banned in the UK! A tale of torture and sadism, and a girl waking up with her head sealed in a bunny mask.

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Videodrome (9 years ago) Reply

Yup, Detention was that movie where some will shake their heads and some won't stop cracking up from the insanity and silliness. First time I watched it with friends I was the only one rolling on the ground in hysterics. Interesting to note that Hutcherson actually co-produced as well as starred in it. And damn, he's fine.


TROMA (9 years ago) Reply

Troma has fucked up again! Check your copy of Father's Day to see if it's the final cut.
The final cut is 1:38:32, that's ninety-eight minutes and thirty-two seconds.


Rho (9 years ago) Reply

F***************CK! What the hell did I just watch?! Just watched ATM! That's what! This movie was pure brain rape!

It has so many plot holes! (RAAAAPE!!!) After watching it, all you want to do is kidnap the guy that wrote the script, the guy that wrote the 3 million dollar check (so they can shoot this thought abortion of a "movie") and everybody that stood by and let this abomination come to life, so you can lock them in an ATM booth in the middle of winter and just watch them accusingly from the outside until they come to terms with the crime against humanity they have commited and smash their heads into the walls of the booth in repentance! (A way better plot for a 3 mil movie? Maybe a sequel - ATM 2: The Plot Hole Repentance Booth)

Suspension of belief? IT. WON'T. HELP. YOU. Don't believe me? Put that rape machine into your player and watch it!

"It comes from the writer of Buried which gives it immediate cred for me." -- "Buried" was good! WTF happened to this guy? Tainted crystal meth? WTF!?

Also "no contacts" on the phone and "i don't have a lighter", oh wait, here is a lighter in that guy that didn't have a lighter's jacket! X) WTF was that? LOST references? Way too late character development brain rape writing academy style?

PS: For actual brain rape (that you'll enjoy) check BUNNY GAME! :P Loved it!

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