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quietearth [Celluloid 07.24.12] scifi action

Holy Mother of God does this look horribly fantastic! TAETER CITY is an insane combination of gore, cheap gore, severed body parts, animation, repetitive fast food commercials, science fiction, and more.. and did I say gore? It has a self described 80s vibe, action scenes, low production values.. hell, I could go on and on, so just read the synopsis and watch the trailer below. You can buy the DVD on September 15th at the production companies website.

In Taeter City, everything is managed by the iron fist of dictatorship members:The Autority. They use a special radio wave system called ZEED that lets them distinguish criminals from typical law abiding citizens. The special radio waves alter the demented brain of criminals, forcing them to commit suicide in horrible ways.

A special police corps called The Bikers retrieves their corpses and delivers them to massive slaughterhouses. These supply the mega fas food chains with the human flesh products they need to feed the masses, non-stop.

Here there are no criminals, no crimes. no riots, no crises... until now. The ZEED system is no longer functioning the way it is supposed to: The criminals are no longer killing themselves; the radio waves are making them stronger!

Via the Avery Mining Corp.

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wtf (8 years ago) Reply

phew....oh boy. i can't remember seeing so much blood and gore in a trailer before.


Umberto (8 years ago) Reply

Mah... veramente pessimo.


FOX (8 years ago) Reply


I want this now.


dracoflare (8 years ago) Reply

LOL I just love this grindhouse style.

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