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quietearth [Celluloid 08.13.12] Switzerland zombies horror

Tom Kolinski and his co-director and cinematographer Pascal Wilder have been making some waves in Switzerland with their commercial work, the most recent of which is the music video for folk group Schoedo's song "Nei" off their latest album. We have the teaser they cut for the possible film, and the music video which inspired it.

The idea for this beautifully shot and produced music video came from a conversation on "how to do a fresh take on the zombie genre." During the video shoot, Kolinski and Wilder furthered that idea into a feature which revolved around people who destroy their brain irreparably by using newly developed, unknown designer drugs.

So they have a script in development, a synopsis, and they're looking for financiers. That said, someone give them the needed coin so we can see this.

The main character of the film is Ben a young guy, who lives in a major European city. After dropping out of university he starts supporting himself by dealing drugs against the advice of his girlfriend. We follow him how he becomes a small-time drug dealer. One night during his routine he loses everything - his girlfriend, the drugs and all of his money - but this is not the worst that happens. All of a sudden he is in the middle of a zombie apocalipse and tries to survive the night...

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