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Marina Antunes [Bunker Blueprint 08.02.12] scifi drama

[Bunker Blueprint is where we feature films we'd love to see made. If you have a project you'd like featured, use our contact page.] Matthew Wade is a talented guy. He's made music and shorts but he makes his living as an illustrator, one whose work you're unlikely to forget once you've seen it (just take a peek at some of it) and now he wants to make a movie that you won't soon forget.

Wade's Kickstarter pitch describes How the Sky Will Melt as being:

Set in a remembered and wholly romanticized view of the nihilistic 1980's, How The Sky Will Melt is a feature film about Gwen, a 20 year old musician who returns home after one of her band-mates mysteriously dies. Gwen comes across an antique chest which houses the ingredients to make any number of things, from a birthday cake, to a human being, to our own apocalypse. In diverting her emotional issues with this strange discovery, she and her long time friends begin to deteriorate their own lives and the fabric of the universe. Because why not?

Yes, it sounds pretty awesome but the pitch video and the concept art from Ranjit Singh Gill are the real sellers and considering Wade's illustrations, this is bound to get a little weird. Admittedly, the low-fi approach and the unique reward options also helped ply open my wallet.

I don't doubt this is going to be great but don't take my word for it. Check out the pitch video below or head over to their Kickstarter page to see the concept video along with some additional goodies.

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