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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.14.12] United Kingdom comedy thriller

Forget Liam Neeson and his kidnapped daughter or the revenge that the bad guys are exacting by taking his wife (Taken 2 trailer). Forget France and Neeson all together for something completely different: kidnapped Shih Tzu's. Yes, the cute little dogs. Only from Martin McDonagh.

The In Bruges writer/director returns with another black comedy, this time about a group of guys that kidnap dogs and then collect the reward money. Yes, Seven Psychopaths is about dognapping. How did I miss this?

Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken star as the dognappers who have a friend, an out of work writer played by Colin Farrell, who just needs a little money to stay afloat in order to finish his masterpiece script titled "Seven Psychopaths." Things go bad when the boys dognap a couple of dogs belonging to a crazy gangster (Woody Harrelson) who will do anything to get his babies back.

Not only does it sound ridiculous, it looks ridiculous; ridiculously awesome! I expect lots of laughs and some ubber violence. We'll find out if McDonagh delivers on October 12th.

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