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Marcus Dunstan emerged in 2009 with The Collector, a horror movie the writer of the later Saw movies co-wrote for himself. Reception was mixed but apparently the movie made enough of a splash that Dunstan was given the opportunity to try his hand at a sequel, one that's set to debut at Fantastic Fest later this month.

The Collection sees the return of Josh Stewart as Arkin, the only man to have escaped the psychopathic killer known as "The Collector." When a girl disappears, her father hires a group to track her down and they, in turn, search out Arkin to help them find and rescue the missing girl.

I skipped the original and will likely be skipping this one too since I'm not much for Saw style torture games (though the first Saw movie still stands as a great bit of horror) but there's certainly a hungry market out there for this type of movie and this could very well be the series that picks up where Saw left off (or so studios hope).

The Collection opens November 30th.

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