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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 09.17.12] Canada thriller

Fake docs aren't exactly a new breed of filmmaking but they rarely capture the sort of attention that Christopher MacBride's The Conspiracy is getting. MacBride's film was recently selected for Fantastic Fest and as details on the project emerge, it's not difficult to see why it's getting so much buzz.

Written and directed by MacBride, it's the story of two filmmakers who are making a documentary about an eccentric conspiracy theorist. The plan is simple: make friends with the guy and let his eccentricity prove just how crazy he is but when the man turns out to be a mostly normal, intelligent guy, the filmmakers start to wonder if maybe there isn't something of worth in his preaching. And then the man simply disappears.

Obsessed with the fact that his subject seems to have simply vanished, one of the filmmakers stays with the project and tries to find out exactly what happened to the missing man, in the process uncovering a secret society with some far reaching implications.

This itself is nothing new either but the trailer for MacBride's movie is fantastic, building a mystery that I can't wait to delve into as well.

The Conspiracy is slated to play Fantastic Fest later this month.


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Cletus (7 years ago) Reply

Looks good, but pleeeeeze ssy it's not another 'found footage' fest!


jkfilm (7 years ago) Reply

This looks good!


Anne Onimous (7 years ago) Reply

21st Century Foucault's Pendulum!


Gods Lonely Man (7 years ago) Reply

Yup, intriguing premise, hope that the acting doesn't fall through. Mocks and found-footage often tend to have certain erroneous elements; usually acting, pacing or budget.

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