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Like a lot of directors vying for the job of bringing The Hunger Games to the screen, Kevin Tancharoen (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) put together a pitch reel to showcase the tone and look of the movie that he wanted to make. Ultimately Lionsgate went with Gary Ross, but this is The Hunger Games I wanted to see - a film that fully committed to its violent dystopian world.

While concept art and treatments used to fit the bill, edited reels like this one below are commonly put together for pitch meetings.

Via: /Film

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anon (9 years ago) Reply

it's amazing to me that "directors" are now just cutting/pasting other people's films as their own "vision" for how they would direct a movie. shit I could cut and paste the matrix movies and claim "yeah, give me the money and this is what I'd do! Totally!" hilarious.


The Bishop (9 years ago) Reply

This Hunger Games "trailer" says it all -


JUDGEFARGO (9 years ago) Reply

That's just a bunch of unrelated film clips cut together. Harldy indicative of anything other than someone has editing software at home. The Hunger Games probably ended up the best it could be and successful enough to continue as film series. But this video is just wank.


Tensen01 (9 years ago) Reply

It's called a Sizzle reel and it's purpose is to showcase a tone and feel that the director would want to bring to the movie. They are not uncommon. What do you expect them to do? go out and film everything on the off chance they get the job?


JUDGEFARGO (9 years ago) Reply

I know what it's for but it isn't a good indicator of what to expect from someone's directorial style.

I've seen sizzle reels were somone's actually directed/written a scene, cheaply, to give a taste of what they want to do.


Jay (9 years ago) Reply

Best sizzle reel I've seen so far was for the 70s Daredevil.

Some interesting imagery here but in the end the movie we got was remarkably close to the book- and had much better casting than this.


. (9 years ago) Reply

The Hunger Games books WERE written for teenagers.


rek (9 years ago) Reply

I prefer the version we did see, frankly.


Vincent (9 years ago) Reply

"I prefer the version we did see, frankly."

Bahg! It was too clean, too "nice".

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