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rochefort [Celluloid 10.03.12] horror thriller

We expect gangsters and thieves to be untrustworthy. But what if the most dangerous person in your life was your doctor?

Doctor Danko Babic (Rene Bitorajac) is a gynecologist who will do basically anything for money, even perform abortions on mob bosses' girlfriends to keep their wives from getting testy. They pay him handsomely, and Babic flaunts it like a rock star playboy, and with each successful illegal abortion or administrative cover-up his confidence grows.

Director Schmidt tells a story of Croatian corruption and medical arrogance that'll probably inspire a little outrage in even the most sophomoric viewer, mainly due to Bitorajac's no-holds-barred, master-of-the-universe portrayal.

Everything about Babic screams "douchebag", from his relentless emotional abuse of a young female doctor he wants to bang to the cavalier manner in which he prescribes the wrong dosage of medicine to get revenge on his least favorite patients. Even this guy's hair is douchey, and he flips it about constantly, as if to remind us that he's fully aware of just how cosmically unfair his lasting success continues to be.

One of those rare films where the despicable main character is rarely if ever charming enough to make his acts less reprehensible, "Vegetarian Cannibal" is one of the best depictions of sociopathic arrogance I've ever seen, and a real indictment of the casual indifference of the upper class.

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