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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.09.12] horror

Our pals at 28DLA have unearthed a new Canadian horror indie that promises fans what they've always wanted - a Big Fucking Monster! Directed by Ryan Nicholson and produced by New Image Ent, B.F.M looks to be a nasty little teens in the woods joint.

For college student Josie Kane, it starts as a simple internship: to shadow a group of high-tech land surveyors as they make their first foray into an ancient wilderness. Assisted by grizzled security guard Dale Philip, the crew knows how to handle protesters and saboteurs -- but there's something much, much worse in the woods this time.

The local natives say the land is cursed -- haunted by a demonic entity older than time. Now people are going missing, turning up dead or worse, and Josie and the crew are about to discover the truth behind the legend. The most alarming horror is the one you never see coming!

From New Image Entertainment and Vancouver's indie horror mavericks at Plotdigger Films, Ryan Nicholson's next shocker is a darkly hilarious onslaught of creature-feature horror and mayhem.

Check out the official B.F.M page for more.

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