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Marina Antunes [General News 11.01.12] zombies action adventure

There will be a little more big budget genre fare coming in the next few years as Australia's Resolution Independent brings on board a new executive producer for a survival thriller to be filmed in the Arctic Circle called Cold Patrol.

The action adventure scripted by newcomer Christopher Webster follows "an elite military dog sled team who uncover a plot to release a dangerous new organism while fending off zombie polar bears." Yes, you read that right, zombie polar bears. Bloody well right!

Zombie polar bears may not be real (yet) but the story has beginnings in reality and was inspired by the world's only military dogsled team.

Cold Patrol will start filming in late 2013 with Nikolai Pigarev (of Meteletsa: Winter of the Dead (details) fame) set to direct in several Baltic towns which were abandoned in the 90s.

Sounds like a promising bit of genre goodness!

Via: Variety

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