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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.06.12] post apocalyptic zombies action thriller

We already have an idea of what the zombies in Marc Forster's World War Z will look like (or at least how they'll move) and heck, we've even read a pretty good description of the trailer but we have yet to see any actual footage from the movie, until now.

Paramount is preparing to unleash the trailer on Thursday and a little preview has appeared, a taste for what to expect, and it looks interesting. Not too much to be seen in the footage besides Brad Pitt looking ready to save the world and hordes of zombies moving inhumanly fast and apparently destroying everything in their path. Not so sure about this zombie destruction... looks like far too much CGI but then, it's only a few seconds of footage and perhaps the full trailer will reveal a little more of the good stuff (ie. "real" zombies).

Stay tuned for the full trailer later in the week but for now, check out the preview below.

Via ET

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