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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.02.12] scifi thriller

It's not every day that Justin Lin's name will appear on the pages of Quiet Earth. The director made a name for himself with the fun but most definitely not unique Fast and Furious franchise, which he took over for the third movie. Now that he's struck gold with the fifth instalment and is wrapping up the sixth entry with Vin Diesel and crew, Lin is lining up jobs like the world is coming to an end and the latest of the bunch sounds, at least right now, like one we may be interested in checking out.

In addition to his already announced attachments, the most promising of which is the manga adaptation Lone Wolf and Cub, Lin has also boarded Hibernation.

Written by newcomers Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Will Frank, there are no details on the movie's plot though producer Troy Craig Poon has called the project a "dynamic futuristic thriller." That doesn't mean much of anything to me but I must admit I'm curious to see more details.

Quite honestly, I've enjoyed Lin's takeover of the F&F franchise and he has a good eye for action and I'm not talking special effects heavy sequences which could play well in a futuristic setting. We await more details on the project.

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