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With an awards season qualifying run scheduled for December 21st, IFC has release another trailer for the adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic.

Starring Garrett Hedlund as the unforgettable Dean Moriarty, Kristen Stewart as his girlfriend Marylou and Sam Riley as the writer Sal Paradise whose life is completely shaken by his encounter with Dean, Walter Salles' adaptation of On the Road has been making the festival rounds since its debut at Cannes. For some odd reason, perhaps quality considering our correspondent was rather underwhelmed by the movie, this one seems to be gliding in under the radar and though the reviews have indeed been mixed, one would assume that the cast, which also includes Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams and Steve Buscemi among many others, would give it popular appeal. Or not.

The new trailer is obviously trying to capture some of lyrical language of Kerouac's novel and it manages to do so quite well through sound though I must admit at this point, I'm much more interested to see Hedlund and Riley, two up-and-coming actors with a lot of talent, share the screen.

On the Road will expand from it's limited run in January.

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