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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.13.12] post apocalyptic drama

Asiel Norton is bringing the apocalypse to Detroit.

Norton emerged on the American indie scene a few years ago with the spectacularly beautiful and meandering Redland (review), an experimental western that made fans out of a few QE writers, myself included. Norton has been busy at work on a new project, a post apocalyptic story with mythical overtones titled Orion which centers on a savage hunter who is searching for his missing brother in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The project worked up an internet frenzy last week when David Arquette, who plays the hunter, tweeted a photo of himself on set (a great coup for the production since it got the low budget movie attention across the web) but I'm, quite honestly, much more interested in the rest of this cast which includes Lily Cole as a virgin mother and Goran Kostic as a magician/shaman along with some other details of the production which have come to light in a recent interview with Norton and cinematographer Lyn Moncrief.

Not much more is said about the the plot but Norton reveals the inspiration for the story and the look of the film, talks about choosing Detroit as his shooting location and the advantages of shooting on digital.

It's a short interview but one loaded with goodies for those, like myself, on the lookout for details from the production. Hopefully we'll have a little more to report in the coming months but until then, you can read the entire interview at Film Independent.

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