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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.08.12] Argentina horror thriller fantasy mystery

The Virgin Mary is angry. She's so ticked off she's been going around killing people. Or at least that's the idea behind Santiago Fernandez Calvete's The Second Death (La Segunda Muerte).

The thriller made its debut earlier this year, has been playing the festival circuit for the last few months and is presently at AFM in search of distribution. Hopefully someone will think to pick this up because it sounds like a pretty good religious thriller and one that offers a new, if familiar, entity terrorising humanity.

In Calvete's story, Agustina Lecouna stars as a sceptical police woman investigating a group of gruesome murder cases in which the victims have been found reduced to ash. Desperate, she employs the help of a boy who is clairvoyant and claims that the killer is the Virgin Mary.

It sounds pretty goofy but the trailer for The Second Death is solid stuff, offering up what looks like a good performance from Lecouna and some good low-fi effects. Hopefully we'll have a little more to report in the near future but for now, check out the trailer.

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