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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.30.12] scifi thriller drama

Imagine that you wake up one morning to find yourself alone in a city of millions with no indication of what's happened to anyone or why you're the only one still around. There's no sign of a zombie or vampire outbreak, no destruction, no bodies - just emptiness. That's the basis of Sergio Allard's Juan in a Million.

This isn't exactly a new idea though hopefully by now we've mostly forgotten the disaster that was Vanishing on 7th Street but this sci-fi thriller, written by Allard, who also stars as the titular Juan, and co-directed by Denis Arqueros and Nicolas Klein, the trailer for this sci-fi thriller suggests some very good things.

Juan in a Million, which has been making the festival rounds since early this year, played a limited engagement earlier this month. Hopefully someone will think to release this on DVD in the new year because it looks promising.

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