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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.25.13] France drama fantasy romance

Michel Gondry's back to the oddball romance. Love his work or hate it one thing is certain: the man has a very particular style and a great visual sense and even if his movies don't always work, lately they seem more uneven than usual, they're always pretty to look at.

His first French language project since 2009's The Thorn in the Heart, Mood Indigo is based on Boris Vian's novel about a man and a woman whose marriage gets a little extra complicated by her illness. Sounds pretty run of the mill until you consider that said illness is caused by a water lily in her lung and the only treatment is to be constantly surrounded with fresh flowers.

Underwater weddings, see through limousines, flying cloud transport things... it's a strange but gorgeous looking affair. Audrey Tautou is no stranger to odd movies and she stars here with Romain Duris who plays her husband and the fantastic Omar Sy who made a huge splash last year with a stellar performance in Intouchables.

Mood Indigo opens in France on April 14 and doesn't currently have a US distributor though I expect it may well come our way later in the year.

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