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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.18.13] comedy

When it comes to weird and wacky arthouse fare, Quentin Dupieux is a bit of a superstar. His serial killing tire movie Rubber (review) was well received and paved the way for Wrong, the trailer for which looked just as wacky.

Wrong never came by these parts and I don't have the energy to put much effort into searching it out, quite frankly, I simply don't care that much for Dupieux's work, so when a trailer for his new movie appeared earlier this week, I ignored it. But then this morning I notice a tweet about Marilyn Manson, minus the make up, in the trailer for Wrong Cops. Highschool curiosity won over.

I'm sold. Wrong Cops looks hilarious. Mark Burnham stars as a bored cop who sells drugs and harasses a teenager (played by Manson) to pass the time. It looks (and sounds) awesome.

What's doubly interesting about this project is that it's not finished. Dupieux is shooting this in stand alone chapters as he secures finance and so far, the first three chapters are completed and the 45 minutes of footage will be screened at Sundance.

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