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quietearth [Celluloid 02.28.13] post apocalyptic scifi cult adventure

Harry Potter producer David Heyman along with Jeffrey Clifford hope to bring JG Ballard's 1962 post-apocalyptic novel, "Drowned World", to the screen. Warner Bros has optioned the book and that studio's Jon Berg will oversee the project.

Early days yet, so no word on who will script or helm the project as yet. Interesting news nonetheless.

Drowned World joins a number of Ballard based projects that are struggling to come to life including Vincenzo Natali's long gestating High Rise and Concrete Island.

Set in the year 2145 in a post-apocalyptic and unrecognisable London, The Drowned World is a setting of tropical temperatures, flooding and accelerated evolution. Ballard's story follows the biologist Dr Robert Kerans and his struggles against the devolutionary impulses of the environment.

Via: Deadline

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