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quietearth [Celluloid 02.27.13] post apocalyptic horror thriller

"A blindfolded threesome comprised of a woman and two children who make their way down a river in a seemingly post-apocalyptic setting."

Huh? As far as loglines go, that one's as strange and interesting as they come. The story comes from a yet unpublished manuscript written by Josh Malerman, frontman to rock group The High Strung, which was snapped up by Ecco, a HarperCollins imprint in August. The book is set to publish in 2014.

Sources described the story as in the vein of Children of Men and The Others which makes me wonder if there is a supernatural presence that snatches you if you look upon it. Of course that also sounds like Vanishing on 7th Street which turned out to be a real dud. But we'll give this one the benifit of the doubt.

Mama director will likely helm the film and for those wondering it doesn't sound like he will reunite with Guillermo del Toro on this one.

More as it comes!

Via: THR

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