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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.04.13] scifi

A few months back would-be director Kasra Farahani wowed many with a teaser trailer for Noon, a sci-fi story set 200 years in the future where the sun has stopped moving in the sky and a group of rebels are trying to take control of the water and energy. What's interesting about Farahani's short film is that it was, from the get go, a calling card for something larger. Farahani, a talented art and production designer with a long line of prestigious film credits, and writing partner Ari Bilow, had developed a feature length script which Farahani wanted to direct so he figured the best way to get word out was to create a short suggesting just what he was capable of.

The teaser itself was pretty spectacular but it had nothing on the 12 minute short which arrived online a few weeks ago. It too looks great but Farahani was obviosly more interested in showcasing his storytelling capability and the short focused heavily on story with the great effects and tech playing second fiddle.

The plan worked. Chernin Entertainment has picked up Noon which Farahani will direct once the script goes through a little reworking. This likely won't be a small budget affair either as Chernin doesn't seem interested in little indie movies. The production shingle was behind 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes as well as the upcoming Tom Cruise starring Oblivion (trailer).

It'll likely be a while before we see anything else on the project but until we have more news, be sure to check out the great short below.

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