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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.27.13] Canada thriller

Cullen Francis grew up in a wealthy family, the product of two loving parents. Or were they? Shortly after his mother dies in a car accident, Cullen (Thomas Dekker) discovers an old video tape in which his mother reveals a tragic secret: his father is actually a convicted rapist who attacked and nearly killed her.

Shawn Linden's thriller The Good Lie unfolds as a series of strange campfire stories told by Cullen on a night out with his friends. What his friends don't realize is that Cullen's bizarre tale of a young man in search of his rapist father is actually Cullen's retelling of the events that made up the search for Rose, the career criminal who also happens to be his biological father; a search that leads Cullen into all sorts of nasty places where he encounters some less savoury sorts and gets himself into some trying situations.

Linden gained a bit of attention last year with the sale of the spec scrip for a neo-western titled The Dualist which is currently in pre-production, and I'm curious to see what he delivers here with his second full length feature. It's not clear when and if The Good Lie will get a release but it is currently playing the festival circuit and recently screened at Les Rendevouz du Cinema Quebecois.

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