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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.26.13] Italy drama

For her third feature, Chilean director Alicia Scherson continues on the track of female centric romances though this time, the story has a bit of a genre twist. Adapted from cult Latin American author Roberto Bolano's novel of the same name but transported to Italy, Scherson's The Future (Il Futuro) is a bit of an odd duck.

Manuela Martelli stars as Bianca, a young woman whose life is turned upside down when her parents die in a car accident. She's entrusted with caring for the family home in Rome and her younger brother Tomas but she's struggling to keep things together and when Tomas invites some buddies to essentially move in, the situation worsens. The story takes a left turn when Tomas and his friends devise a plan to rob Maciste (Rutger Hauer in yet another unlikely role), a former B-movie star and Mr. Universe but they need someone on the inside and they convince Bianca that she should befriend the aging star.

The Future is a complicated tale of self discovery and romance with the added twist of the heist and if this trailer is anything to go by, its also a story of sexual awakening and uncommon relationships. I'm sure there's far more going on than either the description or the trailer suggests and I'm certainly willing to find out what that mystery could be.

The Future played both Rotterdam and Sundance earlier this year (actress Manuela Martelli was nominated for acting awards at both,she won at Rotterdam) and is likely to continue on the festival circuit for the foreseeable future.

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