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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.26.13] Japan horror

The J-Horror train seems to have stopped dead a few years ago and likely for good reason. Though I don't doubt good Japanese horror movies are still being made, what's been making its way across the pond has been far from the old days of good stuff when we were seeing movies like Ringu scaring us half stupid and it looks like the man who seems largely responsible for the start of the trend is ready to usher in a second round.

Hideo Nakata has been busy over the years with largely forgettable material (admittedly I'm still curious to check out 2010's Chatroom (trailer)) but he seems to really be back with the upcoming release of The Complex. The movie premiered at Rotterdam earlier this year and the first batch of English language reviews were pretty positive which bodes well for the thriller.

The student nurse Asuka has moved with her parents and little brother to an apartment in a fairly dilapidated building. It's a deserted, quiet spot. The neighbour shies away from any form of contact. At night, he keeps Asuka awake with exasperating, scratching sounds. Her family doesn't seem to notice at all. In addition, it is impolite to complain to the neighbours if you've just moved in somewhere. Yet the girl sets off alone to investigate. Entirely in accordance with the laws of the genre, this starts off a terrifying sequence of events that severely try Asuka's mental state.

The full trailer just landed and it looks pretty sweet, proving that the creepy teaser trailer wasn't just a fluke.

I expect this sucker is bound to land internationally sometime next year (if not sooner).

Via 24FPS

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