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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.08.13] Canada comedy

The very idea of viral marketing seems like an oxymoron. The idea of something going viral is uncontrollable yet there are a few people working behind the scenes who try their very best to insure that their campaign, be it polished or not, "goes viral."

A new Canadian comedy titled Mr. Viral takes a satirical approach to viral marketing, introducing a struggling ad agency and the people who work in the trenches. There's a twisted ad man who takes a beloved child's toy which has been on the sales decline for two years and re-invents it as a sex toy, an accountant who hires an e-stalker to uncover her wife's infidelities and an aging accountant who is looking for love on the internet. And then there's Mr. Viral, a "mysterious digital pimp" who links all three stories together.

Mr. Viral could suffer from having too many storylines but I like this trailer which, even with the mediocre effects, made me laugh. Honestly, who wouldn't laugh at that ridiculous kid's toy? The first thing that came into my mind when I saw it was sex!

Mr. Viral is setting up camp at Toronto ComicCon on March 9 & 10 before playing the Canadian Film Festival on March 23 where it has been selected as the closing night film.

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