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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.29.13] United Kingdom thriller

For his feature film debut, TV and commercial director Jeremy Lovering took a slightly different approach to the backwoods thriller. Rather than waiting until the characters arrive in some middle-of-nowhere cabin/campground, the horror of In Fear takes place en route to said cabin.

The film, which recently premiered at Sundance, stars Iain De Caestecker (who some of our readers may recognize from the excellent "The Fades") and Alice Englert (Ginger and Rosa) as a new couple on their way to a weekend camping trip with some friends. They get lost along the back roads and "primal fears of the dark and the unknown give way to fear that you have let the evil in, or that it is already there."

In an interview shortly before the premiere, Lovering explained that he didn't let the actors know how the movie was going to end and that in some cases, they shot the same scene with different emotional queues and lines of dialogue. This is very much a character driven approach to terror and it seems like Lovering has used an improvisational technique more often associated with dramas. Definitely a gamble considering how important pacing is to a good thriller; this alone should make for some interesting viewing though the trailer suggests there could be some real terror in store as well.

In Fear opens in the UK at the end of August.

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