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quietearth [Celluloid 05.22.13] horror

Producers Ant Timpson and Tim League are releasing The ABCs of Death... as a children's book.

Okay, so the book is really for adults. It is based on the gruesomely insane anthology film of the same name, the producers will publish a limited run of 666 copies worldwide. Featuring original artwork from storybook illustrator Stephan Britt and accompanied by verses from author Zack Carlson, "The ABCs of Death" is a 56-page storybook guaranteed to entertain young and old alike with its hilarious, heartwarming tales of cannibalism, suicide, and life-or-death sex tournaments.

Based on each and every horrifying segment from the hit 2012 anthology film (from 26 of the world's most acclaimed voices in genre cinema), the disturbingly adorable storybook entrenches the movie's extreme splatter into a whole new world of 1960s, Dr. Seuss-inspired artwork.

The book also contains a special edition Blu-Ray of the uncut feature film and a whopping 30 commentaries, behind-the-scenes clips, making-of featurettes, and trailers.

You can order the book here.

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