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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.31.13] scifi

Hope you're ready for more from the Blade Runner universe because whether you loved, liked or hated Prometheus, Ridley Scott is preparing not just another movie but maybe an entire new set of offerings including TV and "interactive productions." Is this code for video games?

We already knew that a Prometheus follow-up was in the works but there were few details on the project besides the fact that it was on the books. There still aren't many details but we do have a bit of new information. The new film will pick-up a few years after the events of Blade Runner and both Harrison Ford and Sean Young have been approached about returning to the franchise in small roles.

The other bit of news is that a new writer has been tapped to re-work the script and it's none other than Michael Green. On the surface, the idea that the man who wrote Green Lantern and the gestating Robopocalypse adaptation may not seem like a great idea but Green has also spent quite a bit of time writing great TV including episodes of "Smallville," "Heroes" and the excellent (and under appreciated) "Kings" (on which he also served as producer).

As for the news that Alcon is working on producing more prequels, sequels (note the plural) and other projects all based on Blade Runner... we'll have to wait to see how and if any of those pan out.

I wonder how Damon Lindelof feels about being left out of the mix. For the time being at least.

Via The Paylist, The Wrap

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projectcyclops (7 years ago) Reply

Every sci-fi movie now has Blade-Runner as a touchstone, whether it's 'Stange Days', 'The Matrix' or 'Moon', they're all Blade-Runner revisted again and again. It seems to have such a hypnotic effect on younger filmmakers and everybody constantly brings it up as an influence on their work... With that in mind, is there really any worth in creating a sequel, other than to generate money? And if so, is letting Ridley Scott near the project, and trying to tie it to the original with cameos from Ford and Young such a good idea? Perhaps a film set in the 'same universe' would work, but it's project that has the potential to be so catastrophically duff that it would almost be best to simly not open that box and just let the film stand on its own.

PS: I do remember the 1997 Blade-Runner game for the PC actually being rather good, so there you go!


donc48 (7 years ago) Reply

Some movies should be left alone and Blade Runner is one of them. I can think of a dozen movies that could do with a GOOD remake Creature from The Black Lagoon comes to mind. The 1969 movie Battle of Brittan I'm mixed about it's a great war flick that holds up even today. With CGI the air combat could be really eye popping. Anybody have any thoughts on what they would like to remade or left alone?


S (7 years ago) Reply

The '97 Blade Runner game is one of the very few games based on a movie that were actually any good.
It didn't try to be the movie, but took the best beats of the film and had a separate story that hit those beats and visuals along the way.
It actually brought back much of the elements from the original PKD book and adapted to work in BR context.

However, it was an adventure game, a genre that is essentially dead today in mainstream games.
Only chance for a repeat of that would be getting Telltale to make it.
They did the Walking Dead adventure game that was really well received last year.
But knowing the industry today, it'll probably be a shitty cover-shooter.


Koolz (7 years ago) Reply

It's great universe and it's fantastic that they want to invest in it again! I say more power to them bring in on!
Games for the PS4, PC sure why not!
Just make sure your music directing is good too.


Beno (7 years ago) Reply

There's loads of info on the Blade Runner sequel over at


Zaphod (7 years ago) Reply

The writer from Green Lantern, an absolutely atrocious film. Prometheus was mediocre, at best. NOT getting my hopes up. Unfortunately.


Tensen01 (7 years ago) Reply

Prometheus was not Ridley Scott's fault. He did not write it. So so long as Damon Lindelof isn't attached I am very excited.


agentorange (7 years ago) Reply

It's not that simple. As the director, Ridley Scott is the author of the piece. And in fact, many of the issues people have with the film came from him.


Digger (7 years ago) Reply

Both are to blame. Lindelof for a terrible plot, and Scott for not recognizing it as such and taking corrective action (like burying Lindelof in a shallow grave)


guido_jenkins (7 years ago) Reply

one should not mention Blade Runner in the same breath with Green Lantern.... total blasphemy...

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