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It's surprising that the so called "Dyatlov Pass incident" hasn't been at the centre of a movie until now because the events surrounding the incident certainly leave much room for speculation. The lack of survivors has made it nearly impossible to figure out exactly what happened but here are the facts: in 1959, an experienced group of hikers led by Igor Dyatlov (the mountain pass was later named after the man) were found dead.

Investigators at the time concluded that the hikers had torn out of their tent barefoot and waded in heavy snow and -30 C weather. Not exactly normal behaviour. Though most of the corpses didn't show any signs of struggle, two had fractured skulls, two had broken ribs and a third was missing her tongue. Very odd indeed.

The incident has long been a source of speculation and now director Renny Harlin is tackling the events with a bit of twist. Harlin's new movie The Dyatlov Pass Incident focuses on a group of five young filmmakers who head to Russia to dig up some answers except they too end up in the middle of supernatural trouble.

Stay tuned for release details.

Via Bloody Disgusting

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Umberto (5 years ago) Reply

first of all sorry for the past empty comment, it's an mine error! i think Renny Harlin i'ts a good director, not a champion but good,the trailer it's pretty and i think it's look like 1950 movie style!with regard to the magnificent poster, are drops of blood sure , but do not seem to you as if they were also small people walking in the snow?
in its minimalism is a really nice poster!


Koolz (5 years ago) Reply

out there anything can happen!

and Umberto that is small people walking in the snow as the blood.

This looks like a cool horror movie though!


Edward (5 years ago) Reply

I'm really interested in the Dyatlov Pass Incident so I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie!

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