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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.12.13] Canada comedy drama vampires

Over a year has passed since we first learned that director David Schultz was working on a vampire movie but Rufus didn't sound like a typical bloodsucker story. Sure, it centers on a 200 year old vampire who looks like a teenager trying to blend into small town life but it also didn't raise the red flags customary with this kind of set-up, mostly because Schultz's earlier film, the coming of age story 45 RPM, worked so well within familiar ground. It also helped that Schultz was interested in incorporating a bit of comedy into the mix and the melting pot of ideas seems to have paid off.

Newcomer Rory J. Saper stars as the titular Rufus, a British lad who arrives in a rural Canadian town with the simple task of blending in, a task that's made difficult by the fact that he's a teenager alone and that his first introduction to the townsfolk comes by way of a gruesome police incident on the highway. The dark comedy is immediately apparent with the opening scene of the trailer and the upbeat music goes a long way to suggest that this isn't going to be a typical vampire movie (though it does feature a generous amount of blood).

Along with Saper, the movie also stars Merritt Patterson, Richard Harmon (currently on a great run in "Continuum") and Kim Coates as an outsider who knows a whole lot about Rufus and his nature.

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