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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.30.13] scifi horror thriller

Dimension has acquired U.S. distribution rights to the horror thriller PEST (once, "Peste") to be directed by Mark Tonderai (House at the End of the Street, Hush) from IM Global and Blumhouse Productions.

Octane, which is the genre arm of IM Global, will finance the film which will be produced by Jason Blum (Sinister, Insidious, The Purge) and Sherryl Clark (Cloverfield).

PEST is based on Barbara Marshall's screenplay, which appeared on the Black List, the Blood List, and the Hit List in 2012.

Abigail Breslin is the only star attached.

Struggling after a recent family tragedy, teenager Emma Drakeford begins a video documentary about her life for a school project. Then her life is turned upside down as a terrifying virus sweeps through her small town, turning her friends and neighbors into vicious monsters.

Quarantined with her family, Emma believes they are out of harm's way but when the contagion finally infiltrates their home Emma and her family are faced with an impossible decision - if someone you love becomes a threat, do you kill them in cold blood or save them at the risk of your own life?

From the executive producer of Cloverfield and the director of genre hit House at the End of the Street comes a terrifying new twist on the monster movie that is the first in a trilogy.

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