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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 07.30.13] Turkey drama

Here's something I didn't expect: A superhero movie from Turkey.

Sort of.

Looking at the gorgeous black and white trailer for Onur Unlu's Thou Gild'st the Even you'd never guess this was a movie about people with extraordinary abilities but according to the synopsis, that's exactly what we have here: an arthouse take on people with extraordinary abilities dealing with otherwise ordinary problems.

The small town in Anatolia where the story unfolds has two sons and three full moons in the sky. It's here that we meet Cemal (a man with the ability to see through walls), his wife Yasemin (she has the power of telekinesis) and Defne, Cemal's mistress (a woman able to stop time), and delve into their complicated relationship.

The discovery that Thou Gild'st the Even possesses even an ounce of genre DNA is a pleasant surprise. What caught me about this trailer is the stunning photography and the existential questions posed by one of the characters; everything else is icing on an already great looking cake.

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