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Don't expect the survivors of "dome day" to escape their fish bowl anytime soon. CBS has renewed the series developed by Brian K. Vaughn for a second season. The big news? Stephen King will write the season premier.

This isn't too surprising since Under the Dome brought record audiences to the network to the tune of 13.5 million viewers with a 3.3 demo rating.

For what it's worth I think Under the Dome has potential as a series, but has yet to hit its stride. Like Jericho, the show is somewhat bogged down with problem-of-the-week syndrome as it sets up its characters. Eventually - when each character arch becomes more complex - it will likely shed this. Which Jericho hit it's stride, it became great anyway.

Is anyone watching?

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dobieprime (7 years ago) Reply

I think this is idiotic. It should be a one season mini-series. One and done. I get so tired of what should be a mini-series turned into a series. The Following is another prime example. Make it good, but make it one and done.


captain_marlow (7 years ago) Reply

One of the most idiotic series ever produced. Dialogs reduced to "what are you doing here" or "where is xxx?". The top was people communicating across the dome, writing "ok" on their tablets or pads. One was more than enough.


agentorange (7 years ago) Reply

Apparently the show took in 11 million viewers this week, so people are still watching. Will be interesting to see if the show picks up steam. So far it's been light on any real intrigue.


Jeff (7 years ago) Reply

I've been disappointed in this series and to hear of it's 'extension' gives me no joy. Crapacting and, as mentioned above, poor highlight was the 1/2 bovine splice...nicely done!


Captain Marlow (7 years ago) Reply

Are you ok? Yes, I am ok....Spielberg my foot!


rbk (7 years ago) Reply

The fact they're extending this past a season ensures far more worthless filler. Plus, more bad acting, characters that suck and shitty dialogue. I watched the first few cringe-inducing episodes. No more.


Missphitts (7 years ago) Reply

Agreed. I'm suffering through it due to love of the book but man, the "acting" is off the charts bad. Not gonna be able to stick with it much longer unless I start looking at it as a Syfy channel type show/movie and just laugh at it. Wait, I already am doing that.


Stu (7 years ago) Reply

Can't believe that 11 million people are apparently still watching this drivel!

The book was barely passable "King" imo The whole thing smacked of a cliche ghostwriter. Not sure what they paid the glowing reviewers in...but apparently "hype" works.

The Show is even worse...I know I shouldn't be surprised that Hollywood/and/or Network tv could frack something up even more. But I was hoping that it would be an actually "smart" script and decent actors/characters. I guess I've been spoiled my AMC/FX/HBO/Showtime/Starz a bit, as at least they have material that is coherent, well acted and involving!

Sadly the show is none of those things and is actually more dumbed-down re-imagining of the source material!

Now season 2???


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