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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.14.13] Spain horror

Pop up restaurants are the rage in many cities and finding a way into one usually means being "in the know" or being friends with a foodie that can get you into one of these secretive affairs which occasionally even pop up in people's living rooms. Oscar Rojo takes the current foodie trend and turns it into what appears to be one hell of a horror movie.

Omnivores centers on Marcos, a prestigious food journalist who accepts an assignment reporting on so-called "Clandestine Restaurants." In his first research outing he meets a woman who leads him further down the underground restaurant rabbit hole where he hears talk of a particularly difficult to find place which purports to serve guests human flesh. Marcos scores a hard to get invite to one of these human feasts and accepts thinking this will be a coup in investigative journalism but instead he finds himself embroiled with an organization that won't let him simply walk away.

The film had its world premiere earlier this year and is currently making the rounds of horror festivals. Fingers crossed that somewhere down the line we have a chance to see it. Not only is the concept a good one but the trailer suggests that fans who like their horror with a bit of gore won't be disappointed.

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