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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.14.13] scifi action

Vin Diesel's geek outs over the Riddick franchise has pretty much proven to everyone that the guy is a huge fan of sci-fi and though Hollywood has kept him well employed in action franchises (and the odd dramatic comedy), Diesel is working his charm and whatever footing he has to get more sci-fi projects off the ground and it looks like he's managing quite well.

Though Diesel and director David Twohy, have plans for two more movies in the Riddick franchise, those projects are entirely dependent on the success of Riddick (trailer) which opens September 6, so Diesel is working his magic over at Universal, the folks there must be thrilled with the continued success of the Fast and Furious franchise, to set up a new project titled Soldiers of the Sun.

Diesel is producing and starring in the project that takes place "in a post-apocalyptic future and focuses on a squad of soldiers that searches for a fabled city of gold while on a tour of duty in Mexico liberating it from an alien race known as Orcs."

It sounds promising enough and rumour is that Universal is hoping to create the same kind of magic ensemble cast as the Fast & Furious franchise. If they succeed, we may be spending regular summers with Diesel and company in a post-apocalyptic future for years to come though it's unlikely the project will get off the ground any time soon. Diesel is a busy guy these days with the upcoming Fast and Furious 7, followed by The Last Witch Hunter and some possible work in Guardians of the Galaxy.

All of this makes me think that even if Riddick does well enough for those other sequels, it'll be years before Diesel has the time for them.

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Morrisminor (7 years ago) Reply

Lost total interest as soon as I read "alien race".


Scarcasm (7 years ago) Reply

Orcs...? Why do Stan Nicholls novels spring to mind.

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