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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.19.13] Canada post apocalyptic scifi horror

Jeff Renfroe's awesome ice-age apocalypse thriller, The Colony, hits US theatres this weekend, so if you're looking for an intense PA flick with great scope you should go check it out on the big screen.

I spoke with Renfroe at length today about the process of making the film and working with heavyweights like Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton. That interview will publish tomorrow, so watch for that.

Until then, Marina reviewed The Colony a couple months ago, so check that out.

The film is playing in:
Kansas City
Detroit check your local listings and check it out.

Here's the trailer.

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Lov (7 years ago) Reply

Um, how is this awsome? It was sooo so bad. Stupid, seriously unlogical, cliché, dumb crap. Ok, maybe a couple of elements was nice, like the fact that they are keeping bees. Um but when trying to think of something else, err nope nothing. Just tons of the stupid things are coming to my mind, but just google and other people have probably already listed it.


uncleB (7 years ago) Reply

Very Dull Flix. I expected Much, Much More

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