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It's one thing to say that Bruce Campbell wants to reprise his role of Ash in an Army of Darkness sequel and another thing all together to say that the sequel has been confirmed. Reading the update from the folks who were at Wizard World Nashville on the weekend, I'm not certain you can say that a sequel is confirmed to be in the works but only that The Chin is ready and willing to reprise his role.

Turns out that the man himself was on hand in Nashville and during a Q&A on Friday was asked if there would be a sequel to the hugely popular (and my personal favourite) third movie in the Evil Dead franchise. Campbell, being the jokester that he is, made a couple of cracks before saying to his beloved fan "Alright sir, the answer is yes."

There have been no official announcements made but there was a bit of buzz early last month that a sequel could be on the way when Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez let it be known that Sam Raimi was far more interested in an Army of Darkness sequel than an Evil Dead one and that he was already writing it.

At this point it's all speculation and wishful thinking but the universe seems to be pointing at an Army of Darkness sequel. It would be fun to have an older, though not necessarily wiser, Ash return to fight evil but do fans really want a follow-up? Would you watch it if someone else directed or only if Raimi was behind the camera?

Hopefully we'll get a confirmation or denial of the project in the coming months.


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