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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.22.13] Canada arthouse

A few years ago I caught Pedro Pires' debut short film Danse Macabre which preceded a Canadian feature at VIFF. I can't recall anything about the feature but I've never forgotten Pires' short. I looked up everything I could on the director and have been tracking his career since (his feature film debut Triptyque premiered at TIFF and was co-directed with Canadian legend Robert Lepage). I'm thrilled that everyone can now take in Pires' glorious short.

PHI Centre, who a few weeks ago released Denis Villeneuve's Next Floor, have released Pires' morbidly gorgeous short for free viewing. Watching this again, I'm stunned at how much of it I remember. It certainly had a lasting effect on me.

Via Twitch

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jesus (8 years ago) Reply

Beautiful. Can't wait to see 'Triptych'.

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