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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.29.13] action thriller

From Australian director and QE pal Kelly Dolen (Gates of Hell), comes John Doe a gritty vigilante thriller starring Jaime Bamber of Battlestar Galactica fame. The film has been in production for a while, but finally some materials are getting out there.

No trailer yet (well, the one that premiered a while back was yanked), but we've got some new images below and our fingers crossed that we can convince someone to release a teaser soon.

As we await the verdict of one of the most controversial cases in recent times, we come face-to-face with accused vigilante serial killer John Doe as he dissects and explains his reasoning behind his actions and the events that have now come to divide communities worldwide.

The film documents the actions of this infamous and often-misunderstood anti-hero, who sets out to rid his community of criminals while pre-emptively striking out at those he knows who are about to commit crimes against the innocent. John Doe contains strong social media aspects that have global ramifications.

More as it comes!

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vandammage80 (8 years ago) Reply

Cool! I've been waiting for some news on this movie. I'm shocked Bamber hasn't gotten more roles since BSG.

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