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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.30.13] China action thriller

I haven't seen Jackie Chan in anything of note (besides lending his voice talent to a kids movie which turned out to be better than anticipated) but the action star is making a comeback in a very big way, one that's getting lots of attention outside China.

It appears that Police Story 2013 has very little to do with the previous action comedies that share both title and star. Chan and his mighty fighting ability are put to good use here as Chan plays a police officer investigating a kidnapping.

Director Sheng Ding and Chan worked together a few years ago on the action comedy Little Big Soldier but the pair, along with Ding regular Ye Liu, are taking things far more seriously here; Police Story 2013 looks like a gritty action thriller completely devoid of laughs.

Police Story 2013 opens in China on December 24. Hopefully Jackie Chan will kick international ass in 2014.

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