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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.23.13] scifi

The plot of Kim Hyeon-seok's 11 AM sounds promising: in the near future, a group of scientists have built a time machine but the group is running out of money to continue their work. A big company comes in, offers to fund the project further but only if the scientists can prove that it works. Against the wishes of the head researcher, a pair of the scientists take it upon themselves to time travel to 11AM on the following day except that when they arrive, their research lab is empty, in disrepair and someone is trying to kill them.

The teaser for the movie doesn't provide a lot of those details but it does look promising. Chances that we'll see a theatrical release here are slim but I'm certainly YesAsia will carry the title sometime next year.

11 AM opens in South Korea next month.

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Via Beyond Hollywood

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