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For a while now there's been talk that 20th Century Fox is developing a Zorro reboot which would take the masked crusader from the past into the not-so-distant post-apocalyptic future. Last anyone heard of the project titled Zorro Reborn, it had passed through a few writers and landed with Gael García Bernal attached as Zorro and Ricardo de Montreuil, the director of the much buzzed about The Raven (see the short).

Turns out that in early 2012, de Montreuil shot a concept trailer in South Africa with the help of Peruvian actor Jason Day as Zorro. Jon Voight doing voice over work and Vancouver based Central doing the VFX work. The entire thing reportedly cost under $100,000 and it looks like they used every penny of that budget. This thing is very polished.

It's not clear if either de Montreuil or Bernal are still attached but this trailer and concept artwork that has suddenly appeared online looks promising. Admittedly, this no longer looks like Zorro with the exception of the inclusion of the horse, mask, sword (three things that seem completely out of place in this new PA environment) and accent but I'd be curious to see if they can pull it off. It would be better if it wasn't called "Zorro" but alas, it's all about brand recognition. One thing is certain: de Montreuil shoots some pretty exciting material.

Via Show Biz Cafe

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Umberto (6 years ago) Reply

I think this is an interesting project.
concept art reminds me of Blade Runner and the trailer is well done.
the feeling that left me is that they could give us a good movie


Eco (6 years ago) Reply

This whole concept is confusing. Just...why?

this will never get made.


jeeny139 (2 years ago) Reply

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